Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Teletubbies Gay?

Maybe I'm just in a shitty mood this morning, but all this 'Teletubbies are promoting homosexuality' rubbish has irritated me. How do they promote homosexuality? One of them has a handbag. That's how. Never-mind the fact that none of them have penises to make them male in the first place.
Lets look at a picture (Look for the numbers, if you're clever, you'll notice they the connection between the numbers in the picture, and the list below).

1. No wang = not male. Actually, maybe they're wearing clothes.

2. Wait a minute... they don't have boobs either = not female. Well... not adult female anyway.

3. Hobbit-hole... this is just subtle promotion of the works of JRR Tolkien, engineered to cleverly to create a larger viewing audience for the (then) upcoming Tolkien films. Sneaky, but not gay.

4. Windmills! These things create energy in a frighteningly clean way. Possibly gay...

5. Handbag. Quite frankly, rather than showing the Teletubbies to be flaming queers, I think it probably means the Teletubbies are intergalactic children, and the purple one happens to be a girl. Think about it. They talk and act like they're three-years-old, and their physical proportions indicate pre-pubescence. Children have always loved to imitate their parents - clearly this little purple girl is carrying a handbag because her mum does.

The Teletubbies DO NOT promote homosexuality. Don't be so god-damn stupid. You want to see what promoting homosexuality would look like? Here you go.

The Teletubbies don't promote homosexuality. You can't 'promote' homosexuality. You can promote cool, refreshing Coca-Cola, but homosexuality is something you are or you're not. People piss me off.



jjuwaquinn said...

dude thanks thats what am saying your a gggggggggggggoooooddddd bloger thanks for that am going to spread the word people and kids reading this should show it to people and say no thare totaly not if your kids dont think so than you shouldent o yaa email me and in your face i was just waching it and am a 14 year old black kid you should have same on your self

Thomas said...


ironmysandwich said...

Because you need to have a penis to be male and boobs to be female? Transphobic much?