Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Teletubbies Gay?

Maybe I'm just in a shitty mood this morning, but all this 'Teletubbies are promoting homosexuality' rubbish has irritated me. How do they promote homosexuality? One of them has a handbag. That's how. Never-mind the fact that none of them have penises to make them male in the first place.
Lets look at a picture (Look for the numbers, if you're clever, you'll notice they the connection between the numbers in the picture, and the list below).

1. No wang = not male. Actually, maybe they're wearing clothes.

2. Wait a minute... they don't have boobs either = not female. Well... not adult female anyway.

3. Hobbit-hole... this is just subtle promotion of the works of JRR Tolkien, engineered to cleverly to create a larger viewing audience for the (then) upcoming Tolkien films. Sneaky, but not gay.

4. Windmills! These things create energy in a frighteningly clean way. Possibly gay...

5. Handbag. Quite frankly, rather than showing the Teletubbies to be flaming queers, I think it probably means the Teletubbies are intergalactic children, and the purple one happens to be a girl. Think about it. They talk and act like they're three-years-old, and their physical proportions indicate pre-pubescence. Children have always loved to imitate their parents - clearly this little purple girl is carrying a handbag because her mum does.

The Teletubbies DO NOT promote homosexuality. Don't be so god-damn stupid. You want to see what promoting homosexuality would look like? Here you go.

The Teletubbies don't promote homosexuality. You can't 'promote' homosexuality. You can promote cool, refreshing Coca-Cola, but homosexuality is something you are or you're not. People piss me off.


Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Cool Cufflinks

There is nothing I find harder to shop for than nice cufflinks. Granted, the cufflinks in this post aren't exactly nice - cool would be a better word.

The above cufflinks are made from spirit-levels! The fun you can have with these at the local pub is, quite-possibly, endless - Whoever can't keep their drinking-hand level takes a swig!
That aside, they're designed by artist LeeAnn Herreid, and you can grab them for US$80 Here.

These ones are hand-made (supposedly) from genuine watch bits and each one is unique. Can't find who designed them, but you can pick them up from Here.


Snug as a bug in a rug

Again, this is something I found yonks ago and instantly fell in love with. When I'm trapped deep within the depths of winter and have naught to do but read a good book, I love to just wrap myself up in a warm blanket and huddle on a chair somewhere with trusty book in hand. The problem with blankets however, is you can't stuck your arms out to hold the book without letting the cold in, so you can probably guess how this lovely item caught my attention.

The website describes it as a "fleeceblanket with crocheted tentacles to play, snuggle, alone or together"; just wrap youself up and poke your arms through a couple of the tentacles allowing you to read that book in total warmth! I love it!

The designer of the Snug, Patricia Yasmine Graf, was kind enough to send me the photo above which was taken by Clemens Warwrzyniak. Thanks!



This game is almost cool enough for me to buy a PS3. Unfortunately, about the only thing that *would* make me consider getting a PS3 is this game plus a $1000 rebate, so its a moot point.

The game has no baddies to jump on, it just has a bunch of cool levels with simple obstacles to overcome. It has co-operative play (like in the video - thats four different people playing on the one screen), and lots of cool features that allow you to customise your experience. You can plaster stickers on the scenery (and your little character!), you can alter levels *while* playing them, and even change the look of your little character! And then! To top it off! You can share it all!

All these exclamation marks are indicative of my excitement.

Now all I gotta do is find a way to convince one of my housemates to buy a PS3.


Sunday, 20 May 2007

Sarah Connor?

This is something I've been waiting for for a loooong time... Unfortunately it looks like I have to wait a bit more. Until January. If I die before then, I'll make damn sure I come back as zombie just to watch it.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles. From the looks of this trailer they've put some decent cash into it. They even have the old-school terminator in the raw-skeletal form. It looks like lots of guns, explosions, robots, bad-guys, and even a bit of time travel for our heroes - John Connor and his terminator sidekick River (she came back from the future where she was clearly on an assignment to kill the crew of Firefly), who I don't like. I thought she was aweful in Firefly and, well, god I hope she's had some acting lessons since then. Then again, maybe her lousy acting will lend itself quite well to the role of a Terminator.
Anyway, watch it!


Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Animi Causa: Feel

I have to say: This looks like just about the most comfortable thing on the planet. I originally found out about it about two years ago on some random blog and well... It's just cool. I want one. I've wanted one for 2 years. Someone buy it for me.

It's made up of 120 soft balls, each covered in a brightly coloured elastic fabric and tethered to the rest with some kind of cord. Supposedly inspired by a 'molecular structure', but quite frankly I don't care about that. It just looks amazing. You can shape it countless ways, to provide you with anything from a matress, through lounge chair, to some kind of demented blanket.

Designed by Animi Causa and sold for the mild price of US$2950. Not too bad with the way the aussie dollar is going with the greeny... Give it time.



Biofilm is a fairly simple game for OS X in which you control bacteria, doing what bacteria does best... which, as it happens to be, is not much. At its simplest the aim of the game is just to multiply and survive, crushing any competing bacteria you come across with your mighty microscopic iron fist of oppression. Let nothing stand in your way.

All in all, its pretty simple. You have your bacteria, the computer has his(or hers... For the sake of porn I prefer to think of my computer as the latter), and then there are usually a couple of obstacles to provide a bit of a challenge. Essentially its an "I'm bored, I know - I'll play a game" kind of thing. A quick distraction.

It's good. I like it. And thats what matters.

But... Me being me, I tend to see how it could be. So off I go imagining how cool it'd be if it had multiplayer features where tonnes of people have their own little groups of bacteria that they must nurture and fight against other players and various multicelular organisms. Hmm... lets not get carried away.

Anyway, if you use a mac, give it a go. Head over to Battery Acid Games and check it out.


First Post!

Nothing much here, this is just a quick post to introduce the blog and give you an idea of what to expect from it. Essentially, this will just be a blog of all things I consider 'cool'. Expect anything pretty much. Gadgets, books, movies, design, other sites, food, drinks... I'll cover it all. Hopefully it'll work out.
If not, bite me.