Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Snug as a bug in a rug

Again, this is something I found yonks ago and instantly fell in love with. When I'm trapped deep within the depths of winter and have naught to do but read a good book, I love to just wrap myself up in a warm blanket and huddle on a chair somewhere with trusty book in hand. The problem with blankets however, is you can't stuck your arms out to hold the book without letting the cold in, so you can probably guess how this lovely item caught my attention.

The website describes it as a "fleeceblanket with crocheted tentacles to play, snuggle, alone or together"; just wrap youself up and poke your arms through a couple of the tentacles allowing you to read that book in total warmth! I love it!

The designer of the Snug, Patricia Yasmine Graf, was kind enough to send me the photo above which was taken by Clemens Warwrzyniak. Thanks!


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