Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Biofilm is a fairly simple game for OS X in which you control bacteria, doing what bacteria does best... which, as it happens to be, is not much. At its simplest the aim of the game is just to multiply and survive, crushing any competing bacteria you come across with your mighty microscopic iron fist of oppression. Let nothing stand in your way.

All in all, its pretty simple. You have your bacteria, the computer has his(or hers... For the sake of porn I prefer to think of my computer as the latter), and then there are usually a couple of obstacles to provide a bit of a challenge. Essentially its an "I'm bored, I know - I'll play a game" kind of thing. A quick distraction.

It's good. I like it. And thats what matters.

But... Me being me, I tend to see how it could be. So off I go imagining how cool it'd be if it had multiplayer features where tonnes of people have their own little groups of bacteria that they must nurture and fight against other players and various multicelular organisms. Hmm... lets not get carried away.

Anyway, if you use a mac, give it a go. Head over to Battery Acid Games and check it out.


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