Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Cool Cufflinks

There is nothing I find harder to shop for than nice cufflinks. Granted, the cufflinks in this post aren't exactly nice - cool would be a better word.

The above cufflinks are made from spirit-levels! The fun you can have with these at the local pub is, quite-possibly, endless - Whoever can't keep their drinking-hand level takes a swig!
That aside, they're designed by artist LeeAnn Herreid, and you can grab them for US$80 Here.

These ones are hand-made (supposedly) from genuine watch bits and each one is unique. Can't find who designed them, but you can pick them up from Here.



Snab said...

When can they ever look good :P

te said...

These are nice, they almost look as though the glow in the dark, would be cool if they did.
We sell a bunch of different Cool Cufflinkdesigns at Revival. Feel free to check them out.