Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Animi Causa: Feel

I have to say: This looks like just about the most comfortable thing on the planet. I originally found out about it about two years ago on some random blog and well... It's just cool. I want one. I've wanted one for 2 years. Someone buy it for me.

It's made up of 120 soft balls, each covered in a brightly coloured elastic fabric and tethered to the rest with some kind of cord. Supposedly inspired by a 'molecular structure', but quite frankly I don't care about that. It just looks amazing. You can shape it countless ways, to provide you with anything from a matress, through lounge chair, to some kind of demented blanket.

Designed by Animi Causa and sold for the mild price of US$2950. Not too bad with the way the aussie dollar is going with the greeny... Give it time.


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